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Brakequip Brake Lines

About Brake Line and Hoses

Tallon is an authorized Brakequip dealer and all of our products are DOT approved except off-road products. Off-road brake line and inserts are not approved on vehicles that are driven on the road or highway. These lines and inserts are designed to withstand the most extreme punishment in off-road conditions but are not approved for road vibration. Don’t be fooled by false claims other companies make about stainless steel braided brake line. Brakequip is one of the few companies that is DOT approved.

Maximum length of coated stainless steel flexible brake line is 36 inches. Straightened hard line maximum length is 72 inches due to shipping restrictions. Coiled lengths up to 15 feet are in stock items. Over 15 feet with a 20 foot maximum are considered special orders that will require added shipping time.

How to Order Flexible Brake Hose

These hoses are made to order to your specs so measure carefully. When measuring your length of hose required consider travel length of moving components. Lengths listed on hose ends added to the length of your hose will give you a length over all also known as L.O.A.

First choose the style and color of the hose that you wish to purchase. Then you can use in any combination two hose ends. Tallon Hydraulics, Inc. will then assemble and crimp your hose ends to your specifications.

Tallon determines L.O.A. with the hose straight and the ends attached. It is measured from one outside end to the other outside end. This is the easiest way to determine length. Consider that all fitting ends we offer that it will only allow for a variable length of approximately ¾ of an inch.

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